Support Establishment and Sustainability of Medical Waste Management Systems (PEPFAR)

Project short name: KEN-02-01
Time frame: 02/2011 – ongoing
Country: Kenya
Region: Nairobi and rural areas

Client: PATH
Financing agency: CDC

Project description:

The purpose of this program is to prevent biomedical transmission of HIV (and other blood-borne pathogens) through sharp and other medical waste by promoting the implementation of safe and environmentally friendly medical waste disposal practices throughout the country. This will be accomplished by ensuring an adequate supply of commodities for safe medical disposal; decreasing the use of unnecessary injections which will eventually lead to increased medical waste; and improving integration of injection safety and medical waste disposal into all health programs.

The focus of this program is to strengthen and expand the reach of existing quality medical waste disposal systems that are evidence-based and applicable to local context within Kenya. These systems must ensure safety of healthcare workers, laboratory professionals, patients and the community from the generation of medical waste to final disposal. Bio-safety and medical waste management practices will be integrated into existing care and treatment, prevention, counseling and testing and laboratory programs.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Developing a pilot implementation plan for a collection/transport system based on the findings from the recommendations of urban/rural waste management scenarios.
  • Providing of technical review of and input on a number of project efforts that may include but may not be limited to the following based on time and availability:
    • landscape of improved incineration technologies
    • landscape of alternative treatment (non-incineration) technologies
    • pilot implementation plans for an improved treatment/final disposal solution training materials
    • national guidelines
    • national planning documents
    • project strategy documents with partner hospitals and alternative business scenarios for different levels of demand.

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