Assessment of the healthcare waste management System Contractual

Project short name: SEY-01-01
Time frame: 07/2009 – 08/2010
Country: Seychelles
Region: Seychelles

Client: World Health Organization, AFRO
Financing agency: World Health Organization

Project description:

In 2000, WHO has estimated that as a result of unsafe injection practices, there were 21 million new Hepatitis B infections, 2 million new Hepatitis C infections and around 260 000 HIV infections globally* . Seychelles has predominantly been using disposable syringes and needles for both curative and preventive interventions. In general, unsafe handling of injection equipment and other sharps is of concern within the clinical setting and it is feared that reuse may be common outside the health care system.

Seychelles being small has one final disposal site where health care waste is incinerated using a liquefied petroleum gas incinerator. The incinerator operators are not properly trained in the care, maintenance and operation of the incinerator leading to the production of black sooty smoke. The siting of the incinerator emits the sooty effluent into a habitable neighbourhood which generates a lot of complaints and criticism of the hospital. Fear has been expressed about the dangerous nature of this emission and the hospital had requested WHO to assist to reduce dangerous emissions from the incinerator.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

Objectives of the survey: To assess the health care waste management system and to provide technical assistance for reducing dangerous effluents from the hospital incinerator.

Specific objectives

  • To identify the unsafe practices that may lead to infections and that should be targeted by injection safety interventions;
  • To determine the status of the health care waste management system in the health facilities;
  • To propose environmentally friendly treatment options for health care waste taking into consideration the reduction of harmful emissions of effluent gaseous materials.
  • To plan and design a new treatment facility
  • To prepare the tender documents

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