Armenia: Hospital Management Support project

Project short name: ARM-01-01
Time frame: 04/2007 - 04/2007
Country: Armenia
Region: Yerevan

Client: Aus Health International Pty Ltd

Project description:

The Government of Armenia has recognized the need for reforming the health care system. One of the main changes in the health care system since becoming independent has been administrative decentralization. Operation and ownership of health facilities (except public health institutions) have been devolved to local governments. Health care institutions were incorporated as joint-stock companies.

The decree of the Government of November 21, 2003 approved the establishment of ten mergers of 25 public hospitals and 15 polyclinics in Yerevan. There are currently 135 hospitals, 80 polyclinics and about 230 rural ambulatories and health centers. Computerized inventory for each of the health facilities in the country is being created.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

The overall objective of ETLog Health's part of the project is to contribute to the improved environmental health situation in the three merger hospital centers. An improved healthcare waste management (HCWM) system includes infectious control aspects as well as occupational health & safety (OHS) and housekeeping (waste logistic) aspects. A key for an improved situation is the maintenance of the used equipment and a well planned HCW logistic system. Based on the experience of previous projects, a rapid assessment of the actual situation in three merger hospitals was carried out. Additional, interviews with responsible key-persons were hold.

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