Doing Business Reform Project – Creation of a risk based inspection system – Part Healthcare Facilities

Project short name: ARM-02-01
Time frame: 03/2011-06/2011
Country: Armenia
Region: Yerevan

Client: PEM GmbH
Financing agency: IFC

Project description:

Doing Business Reform Project aims at improving the business environment in Armenia, with a particular focus on SMEs, through the reform of a set of key administrative barriers, in particular business inspections. It includes several components: survey, policy work, consulting and outreach. One of the direction's of the Project is assisting the Government of Armenia in implementation of inspection reforms. The reform coordinated by the Inspection Reform Unit of the Ministry of Economy (hereinafter IRU) with the technical assistance from the IFC. Initial stage of the inspection reform includes three pilot inspections: (i) Market and Consumer Protection, (ii) Fire and (iii) National Hygiene and Anti-Epidemiological Surveillance.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

The objective of the Project is to create risk based inspection system for healthcare facilities in Armenia by:

  1. helping Armenian Government understand risk-based approaches in pilot inspections and initiate work on this area - suggesting options with regard to more optimal, cost efficient and effective inspection system in Armenia
  2. setting up databases of businesses under supervision for several key regulatory agencies, including the necessary data to allow for risk-based planning of inspections [including setting up data collection mechanisms etc.]
  3. developing and implementing mechanism for inspection targeting
  4. developing inspections check-lists for several key regulatory agencies in the most important business sectors
  5. help train the personnel of these inspection agencies in using the new tools

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