Needs- and pre-feasibility study: “Environmental Infection Control in Hunan, China”

Project short name: PRC-08-01
Time frame: 06/2008-02/2009
Country: China
Region: Province Hunan

Client: KfW Development Bank
Financing agency: World Bank

Project description:

The Sino-German Financial Cooperation supports the Chinese healthcare system through different programs, e.g. aiming at upgrading hospitals and Centers of Disease Control and HIV prevention in the Western Provinces. During recent consultations between the Chinese Ministry of Finance and KfW, it was agreed to further explore the need for support in the area of infection control which includes integrated healthcare waste management.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

A proposal of measures to be realized within the later project was elaborated. This proposal aimed at a strategic development of the environmental infection control system, was based on the analysis and give the rationale for the proposed measures. The work carried out by ETLog Health included:

  • Overview of the effective Chinese legislation with regard to hospital infection control and healthcare waste disposal and of the general sterilization, hospital laundry and healthcare waste management situation in China
  • Is-analysis of the current state of implementation of the infectious control and healthcare waste legislation in the province Hunan including General description of existing sterilization, hospital laundry and healthcare waste disposal facilities in the province Hunan
  • Demand appraisal: Mapping of to be sterilized instrument sets, to be washed laundry and healthcare waste quantities which need to be disposed in three sample areas or hospitals.
  • Development of Infection Control Service Centre strategies for different applications (Large, medium and small)
  • Identification of potential locations for Infection Control Service Centre in the surveyed province.
  • Development of standardised technical solution packages for the different strategies.
  • Rough cost assessment of the proposed packages, including the capital costs, the costs for training and consulting, as well as operation costs for the service facilities (in consideration of staff, fuel, transportation costs to the proposed treatment sites, etc.)
  • Outline of all required accompanying measures in the package, e.g. training activities or additional consulting services for successful and sustainable implementation of the project.
  • Estimation of the realistic demand for the package in Hunan and financing required.

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