Improvement of Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar, Indonesia

Project short name: IND-01-06
Time frame: 05/2007 - ongoing
Country: Indonesia
Region: Makassar

Client: EPOS Health Consultants GmbH
Financing agency: KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank)

Project description:

During inter-governmental consultations between the Indonesian and German Governments in May 2004, the amount of Euro 10 million was earmarked for a project at Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital (RSWS) in Makassar, Sulawesi. While a loan of Euro 9.0 million was agreed upon for the procurement of equipment and civil works, a grant of Euro 1.0 million was stipulated for accompanying measures. The Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital finds itself at a pivotal time in its history. By making use of the funding being made available to it through German financial cooperation, it has considerable potential to undertake carefully planned and coordinated adjustments and improvements to its service delivery operations, and in line with its recently changed financial autonomy status.

After a longer preparatory phase, the Consortium lead by EPOS was awarded the contract for the Improvement of Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar, Indonesia as Technical Assistance for this combined (Infrastructure and Accompanying Measures) project.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

Mr. Jan-Gerd Kühling, based on his extensive Background of Hospital Waste Management and in the framework of projects supported by the German Financial Cooperation will be the person in Charge of development of a comprehensive environmental management system for Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital. The EWG, the HWO, the infectious control team, the facility management will be supported by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics GmbH in:

  • Carrying out of a detailed, waste and waste water stream audit of the different departments (including input/output analysis);
  • Set up of the environmental master plan for the hospital;
  • Development of the general waste and waste water policy for the hospital including the action plans for short, medium and long-term development;
  • Development of a risk management system;
  • Strategy development for the handling of biological, chemical and radioactive risk materials;
  • Set up of an emergency and accident response plan, implementation of an accident/incident report system;
  • Development of action plans how to improve the efficiency of the facility management in the areas water supply, waste water disposal and general cleaning;
  • Set up of a transparent waste chain logistic and introduction of a waste recordkeeping system;
  • Implementing of an environmental capacity building system for all sectors of the hospital, including fixed training scheme and curriculum development.
  • Set up of an efficient monitoring and control system.

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