PanEco, Foundation for Sustainable Development and Intercultural Exchange

Project short name: IND-02-01
Time frame: 10/2006 - 06/2007
Country: Indonesia
Region: Nagan Raya

Client: Caritas Switzerland

Project description:

For the new Kabupaten Nagan Raya Hospital, an integrated healthcare waste concept was designed and described in the proposal, dated 30.06.05. This proposal was sent to PanEco and YEL and was generally accepted. During a meeting in November 2005 in Germany, it was decided that an assessment shall be carried out in January 2006 to design the final concept and project planning. It was agreed on that this assessment should also be the first working task of the consultant for setting up the environmental system in the new district hospital.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

The proposed approach for the execution of the project includes five main tasks which each includes certain key activities and sub-tasks:

  • Set-up of the Project Management and the Project Coordination;
  • Development and tendering of the new waste management system for the NAGAN RAYA HOSPITAL;
  • Capacity and Awareness Building Program for HCW Management;
  • Implementation of the New Healthcare Waste Management System;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;

Expected result and output will be an adequate waste management system for the NAGAN RAYA HOSPITAL and an environmentally friendly solution for the waste treatment. A clear policy for HCW will be set up, which will strengthen the main policy framework and solve operational problems. Included will be support for the tendering for the supply of adequate equipment for the implementation of the new waste management system.

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