Workshop on injection safety and healthcare waste management for GAVI eligible countries

Project short name: KAZ-01-01
Time frame: 12/2009
Country: Kazakhstan
Region: Astana

Client: World Health Organization
Financing agency: GAVI

Project description:

The workshop on injection safety and national strategies on healthcare waste management in the WHO Euro region was conducted in Astana / Kazakhstan in December 2009. Participants from 10 countries have worked actively in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was not only to spread knowledge about injection safety and healthcare waste management and to raise awareness but also to exchange information between the countries and to develop together new ideas and approaches on the topic national strategies on healthcare waste management.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

Objectives of the assignment:

  • To facilitate at the workshop on infection safety and health care waste management
  • Providing background information and conduct presentations on healthcare waste management systems, and technologies
  • Introduce tools to assess and plan national healthcare waste management strategy
  • To moderate the group work and discussions during the workshop

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