Technical support to the Ministry of Health to develop national policy & action plan

Project short name: KYR-01-01
Time frame: 10/2006 - ongoing
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Region: Bishkek

Client: World Health Organization Regional
Financing agency: GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination)

Project description:

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Health of the various countries to develop national policies and action plans on healthcare waste management. By end of 2008, countries receiving GAVI support shall have adopted national policy and developed action plans on healthcare waste management. The consultant has to work primarily with the National Counterparts of the Immunization Programme of the Centre of Immunoprophylaxis.

The project will include:

  1. A brief desk review of existing documentation on health-care waste management for the specified country
  2. The organization of meetings with key partners at national level (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, WHO, Swiss Red Cross, UNDP and other stakeholders) to design the steering committee members, the national working group members and to draft a first work plan
  3. Support on the establishment of a national working group for developing a national strategy.
  4. Technical Support on the National Strategy, Action Plan and Legal regulations.
  5. Sharing of international experiences on healthcare waste practices.
  6. Advising role in meetings and conferences.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Undertaking a review and analysis of the existing documentation;
  • Visiting urban and rural health facilities and medical waste treatment facility;
  • Technical advisor on meetings with key partners at national level;
  • Bringing experiences of countries which already prepared national policy and plan of action on healthcare waste management;
  • Discussing outcomes of the meetings with national counterparts; debriefing of WHO Country Officer;
  • Revising and advising of developed national policies and action plans for healthcare waste.

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