Elaboration of a Feasibility Study on Sector Programme Health Financing from Study and Expert Fund in Kathlon Oblast, Tajikistan

Project short name: TJK-02-01
Time frame: 07/2007 - 08/2007
Country: Tajikistan
Region: Dushanbe

Client: GITEC Consult GmbH
Financing agency: KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank)

Project description:

Within the framework of bilateral negotiations between Germany and Tajikistan, a total of 10 million Euro has been approved as a grant/subsidy for improving health infrastructure and services in Tajikistan, focusing on improvements in mother and child care and emergency medical care in Khatlon region.The program is intended to cover clinical services, equipment, infrastructure and necessary training (as required in human resources, clinical skills, and management and modern health practices).

The program is also intended to complement and be consistent with ongoing health reform, rationalization and system improvement in Tajikistan. A first preparation mission in 2004 has laid some of the groundwork for development of the KfW program. However, to date, little detailed assessment of the situation or the operational circumstances had been undertaken.

A Feasibility Study has therefore been proposed as the means to compile requisite information and data on the health system in Tajikistan, generally, and in Khatlon particularly, and in the specific areas of maternal child health and emergency services. The Feasibility Study is intended to asses the potential for KfW support and to suggest priority areas for investment as well as to identify all relevant issues that might impact on the future program.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

Preparation of a feasibility study:

  • Healthcare Waste
  • Waste Water
  • Education and Awareness Rising
  • Overall Cost Estimation
  • Education and Capacity Building Waste Management
  • Waste Water Management

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