Turkmenistan - Health Care Waste Management

Project short name: TKM-01-01
Time frame: 11/2006 - 08/2009
Country: Turkmenistan
Region: Ashgabat

Client: World Health Organization (WHO)
Financing agency: GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination)

Project description:

In 2005, the Ministry of Heath of Turkmenistan expressed its interest in getting technical support from WHO in the field of injection safety and health-care waste management. A first mission took place in June 2005 to perform a rapid assessment of the situation. Since then the Ministry of Health has drafted a national plan of action and an Intersectoral Task Force was established.The overall objective of this assignment is to provide high expertise to the Ministry of Health on health-care waste management. The assignment will cover:

  • A brief desk review of existing documentation on health-care waste management for the specified country
  • The participation to the Intersectoral Task Force with key partners at national level (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, WHO, UNICEF and other stakeholders)
  • To provide technical assistance to the finalization of the budgeted national plan of action on health-care waste management

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Visiting urban and rural health facilities and one medical waste treatment facility;
  • Participating to the Intersectoral Task Force with key partners at national level;
  • Bringing experiences of countries which already prepared national policy and plan of action on health-care waste management;
  • Discussing outcomes of the meeting with national counterparts;
  • Discussing with the Ministry of Health on further activities related to injection safety and healthcare waste management;
  • Debriefing WHO Country Officer;
  • Drafting a workplan for next phase's activities.

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