Mubarak Al Hassawi Medical Complex (ETHIC Part)

Project short name: UAE-02-01
Time frame: 06/2010 - ongoing
Country: United Arab Emirates
Region: Sharjah

Client: Epos Health Management
Financing agency: Mubarak Al Hassawi LLC.

Project description:

The company Mubarak Abdulaziz A-Hassawi Medical Company LLC. plans the set up of the he Main Hospital - Mubarak Al Hassawi Medical Complex. The Project tasks include the Equipment Planning, Procurement and Installation for 135 bedded Main Hospital, 40 bedded Rehabilitation Centre and RCPS Centre, the set up of a Hospital Information System Planning and Procurement, Waste Management Planning including staff training and the medical planning inputs for Architectural Design and Planning.

In the project, ETLog Health is responsible for the environmental & technical hygiene sector especially for the planning, design, equipping and putting into operation of the Central Sterile Supply Department, the house keeping department and the healthcare waste management system.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

The above services will result in following deliverables:

  • Schedule of Accommodation for waste management, housekeeping and CSSD.
  • Design Brief and Functional Brief for waste management, housekeeping and CSSD.
  • Medical Equipment Program (Bill of Quantities) for waste management, housekeeping and CSSD.
  • Equipment Specifications (in software database) and waste management, housekeeping and CSSD.
  • Procurement Support.
  • Pre-installation and installation supervision and acceptance.

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