Development of Provincial Hospitals in Vietnam

Project short name: VIT-01-01 |-02
Time frame: 06/2005 - 11/2006
Country: Vietnam
Region: ProvincesLao Cai, Son La, Hai Phong and Binh Phuoc

Client: EPOS Health Consultants GmbH

Project description:

The growing urbanization, changes in people's lifestyles and in the age structure of the Vietnamese population have led to changes in the prevailing disease patterns. The objective of the project was to contribute to improving the quality of healthcare services rendered at the hospitals and to strengthening the reference system in the program provinces. This is to contribute to improving the health conditions of the target population in the four project provinces (Lao Cai, Son La, Hai Phong and Binh Phuoc.

The project measures comprised the procurement of adapted medical equipment for the diagnostic and therapeutic departments of the hospitals and the procurement of supplies for general service departments (laundry, etc.) and for the power supply and waste disposal systems. In addition, the medical and technical staff was given training on the operation of the new equipment. In this context a maintenance concept was being worked out for particularly maintenance-intensive equipments. Moreover, the consultant supported the program hospitals in determining the specific need for individual equipments and provided assistance on the tendering, acceptance and distribution of the equipments delivered.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Assessment of the actual healthcare waste system and development of a general healthcare waste strategy for the province hospitals;
  • Set up and support of waste management committees in the project hospitals;
  • Needs analysis for to be procured infrastructure and equipment;
  • Development of needed IEC (Information, education, communication) materials;
  • Training of waste managers and staff from the project hospitals;
  • Evaluation of the set up systems;

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