Consultancy on disinfection measures and development of a guideline

Project short name: VIET-02-01
Time frame: 10/2010 – 12/2010
Country: Vietnam
Region: Vietnam

Client: Human Influenza Prevention and Pandemic Preparedness Project
Financing agency: KfW Development Bank

Project description:

The project "Influenza Prevention and Pandemic Preparedness" is the part of the co-operated project between MARD and MOH "Vietnam Avian and Human Influenza Control and Preparedness Project"

The overall objective of this project is to assist the Government of Viet Nam (GVN) to increase the effectiveness of public health services in reducing the health risk to human from avian influenza in the selected provinces, through measures to improve disease surveillance and response systems, the technical quality and efficiency of curative care preparedness; to strengthen behaviour change communication in health facilities and in the community; and to strengthen the preventive health system at the local level. Objectives of the assignment:

  • To assess status of using condition and management of disinfectants in the hospitals of 8 provinces and some central ones;
  • To revise current guidelines for use of disinfectants in health care facilities to submit for approval of Ministry of Health.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Carry out a quick qualitative assessment (including review of the current guidelines) on current situation in use and management of disinfectants according to current guidelines in 8 province hospitals and some Central hospitals namely Bach Mai, Hue Central and Cho Ray Hospital;
  • Give a proposals in use and management of disinfectants in order to improve effectiveness of infection control to avoid spreading to health workers and surroundings;
  • Co-operate with professional groups working on infection control of Vietnam to finalize guidelines for use of disinfectants in health sector that is applicable to every medical facilities nationwide.
  • Present at the workshop for getting comments to finalize guidelines; make report and complete final document to submit for approval of Ministry of Health.

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