Strengthening Provincial Health Systems – Vietnam

Project short name: VIT-01-03
Time frame: 10/2010 – 12/2010
Country: Vietnam
Region: Vietnam

Client: EPOS Health Management GmbH
Financing agency: KfW Development Bank

Project description:

The overall objective of the program is to improve the access to decentralized quality health services in the three target provinces (Phu Yen, Thanh Hoa and Yen Bai). Particular the poor and disadvantaged, but also mothers and children are vulnerable to communicable diseases and nosocomial infections. By improving the healthcare facility internal waste management, sanitation and technical infection control capacity, a valuable contribution will be made to reduce mortality, morbidity and the length of hospital stay among the target population in the district. This impact could be increased by including the sectors of safe water supply and cleaning services to cover the entire sector of environmental infection control.

For the hospitals, an environmental management system will be developed, installed and brought into operation. Emphasis will be put on low operation cost, the sustainability of the waste management systems to be implemented and on the robustness of the sanitation and sewage system. To be covered areas of this component of the main project will include:

  1. Sterilization services (Basic / advanced CSSD)
  2. Waste management services
  3. Sanitation services
  4. Cleaning services

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Identification of momentary working practices for the four target sectors and weak point analysis;
  • Environmental & Technical Infection control concept development;
  • Carrying out of a demand analysis and preparation of bill of quantity and technical specifications for later on tendering;
  • Providing of trainings in the field of waste and waste water management;
  • Providing of trainings for sterilization (CSSD management);
  • Commissioning of provided equipment, implementation of the system;
  • Evaluation of the set up systems.

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