Hazardous Medical Waste Treatment plant Sana'a, Yemen

Project short name: YEM-02-01
Time frame: 02/2011 – 04/2011
Country: Yemen
Region: Sana'a

Client: Social Fund for Development
Financing agency: Saudi Fund for Development

Project description:

The Social Fund for Development (SFD) has received an application from the Sana'a Secretariat to contribute in establishing, and equipping a Hazardous Medical Waste Management plant for Sana'a, the Capital city. SFD has investigated the application, the feasibility, and sustainability of the project and has approved to contribute in the project. The project is composed of a complete integrated waste management system, i.e. sorting at source, collection, transportation, treatment, and the final disposal of the treated wastes. The technique adopted for treatment is sterilization with shredding to homogenize the wastes and then to a landfill cell.

The project is at the stage of announcing the tender for supplying the equipment and tools. Therefore, a professional Consultant is needed to review the technical specifications, respond to the Suppliers' enquiries, evaluate the offers and recommend the best offer.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

To fulfil the requirements of this consultancy service ETLog had to conduct the following activities:

  • Review the technical specifications of the treatment plant and submit any amendments to the water and environmental unit (WEU);
  • Meet the (WEU) staff, and the Medical Waste Management staff to get more acquainted with the project's requirement;
  • Visit the project's location and give an opinion on the capability of the space to host the required treatment plant components;
  • Respond to the enquiries that may arise from suppliers while studying their offers via the Procurement Unit (PU);
  • Evaluate the offers and recommend to the Procurement Unit (PU) the most responsive offers.

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