Technical Support on the development of a national healthcare waste management strategy

Project short name: ALB 01-01
Time frame: 09/2011
Country: Albania
Region: Albania

Client: WHO Euro
Financing agency: GAVI

Project description:

The Ministry of Heath of the Republic of Azerbaijan expressed its interest in getting technical support on healthcare waste management. WHO, Vaccine Preventable Diseases & Immunization programme already supported several missions on injection safety in the recent years, and with the renewed financial support of GAVI proposes now to bring expertise on healthcare waste management. The following activities were part of the project:

  • Assessing current HCWM policies and practices
  • Drafting a plan of action reflecting the future steps/activities in improving HCWM policies and practices in Armenia
  • Providing recommendations to WHO for its future collaboration/work with MoH on HCWM

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Carrying out of Assessment visits:
  • Relevant authorities (MoH, MoE...)
  • Healthcare facilities (national and rural)
  • Central treatment / disposal facilities
  • Relevant partner organisations (international organisations)
  • Gathering of relevant legal and other project information
  • Meeting with partners for discussion of future plans and activities on healthcare waste management

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