Risk Assessment of Central Chemical Storage Facilities and chemical handling

Project short name: GER-15-01
Time frame: 11/2010 - ongoing
Country: Germany
Region: Germany

Client: Hospital LogiServe GmbH
Financing agency: Hospital LogiServe GmbH

Project description:

Risk assessment is required to be conducted for the handling and storing of dangerous goods before the establishing. The project was aiming to identify and rate the risks healthcare supplier storage facilities and healthcare settings, in order to recommend measures for operating the storage facilities in accordance to the German regulations. An evaluation of the risk associated with a hazard is necessary to determine if the risk is significant, in which case additional or improved measures will be required to control (prevent or minimise) exposure to the hazard. In addition to determining the level of significance of the risk, the risk assessment process serves to facilitate the decisions required for appropriate controls, training, air monitoring and health surveillance. The relevant German regulations were used for the classification and requirements of the water management Act and the Chemical Management Act and the related ordinances. Based on the classification the required mitigation measures on occupational and environmental safety and the necessary training have been identified.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Site visits of 3 central storage facilities in Germany for chemical substances and the medical supply division of several healthcare facilities:
  • Assessment of the logistic processes
  • Risk Assessment of the hazard level of each storage facility and supply divisions in the healthcare institutions
  • Evaluation of legal conformity in accordance to the national and county regulations
  • Cataloguing of necessary safety measures and training needs

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