Sustainable Healthcare Waste Management for Samsun, Turkey

Project short name: TUR-02-01
Time frame: 02/2005 - 03/2005
Country: Turkey
Region: Samsun

Client: BC Consult Berlin GmbH

Project description:

The objective of the project was the environmentally sound, resource-oriented and hygienically safe disposal of the waste of the city of Samsun and its surrounding communities and the realization of efficiency gains in the collection and recycling of waste in the project region. In this way, the project was contributed to a reduction of the environmental and health hazards caused by the current practice of dumping waste onto an uncontrolled waste dump.For the healthcare waste field a comprehensive logistical solution was developed for the disposal of infectious waste. The infectious waste was, in accordance with Turkish law, collected in red containers, following the European ADR specifications. The standardized containers were transported to a new steam sterilization (Autoclave) plant. There, the infectious waste was sterilized and disposed of in the new; secure household waste sites in Samsun. The Autoclave was located at the land-fill site, to avoid further transport.

In order to guarantee the implementation of the logistic concept, an extensive training program for the hospital personnel was carried out. The correct and secure separation of the waste groups was now guaranteed. The responsible authorities were trained and certified for their new monitoring function.

Services provided by ETLog Health EnviroTech & Logistics:

  • Development of a Masterplan and a new disposal concept for infectious waste;
  • Training and certification for of the crucial groups such as hospital personnel and authorities;
  • The development of a catalogue of measures;
  • The implementation of measures to improve standards in pilot hospitals;
  • The carrying out of waste audits in hospitals;
  • The production of IEC materials (posters, leaflets, etc.);

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