Corporate Environmental Responsibility



In their development cooperation work, the staff of ETLog Health often have to travel the world. Where possible, we use modern communication facilities to minimize travelling, or we travel climate-friendly by train. However, there is sometimes no alternative to flying.

Merely adopting an environmental policy is not enough for us. The purchase of emission certificates is a better way to minimize the environmental footprint. But we want more and go a step further to compensate for our emissions, following the principle:

„Work Globally, Act Locally!"

In February 2011, ETLog Health acquired from the German Federal Government 9.4632 hectares land of former possession of the GDR. The area is located in a predominantly agricultural district. Forestry retreat areas are therefore of high importance for biodiversity. Of our 10 hectares, about 4 hectares of ecologically valuable floodplain forest. This part of our forest will be managed in future in an extensive and sustainable way to protect it for future generations. A further 2 hectares of the land is swamp land, which like all wetlands, has a high biological diversity which will be preserved. The remaining 4 hectares are wasteland. As the CO2 compensation of ETLog Health, this land will be in the upcoming years converted into extensively managed floodplain forest.

In case of further interest in our project: the future biological reserve of ETLog Health is located about 50 km northwest of Berlin. Please contact us if you want to visit it with us. And if you want to reduce your carbon footprint immediately - Plant a tree in our reserve!

For a virtual visit: GeoData (52 ° 43'15 "N / 13 ° 01'40"E)